Monday, July 11, 2011

ambien walrus goes international.

so i went on a trip for work that is a wee-bit far away. work was nice enough to give me ambien to help me sleep since the time change has got me all messed up.


but i didn't know that i'd meet ambien walrus here.

ok so it really wasn't that bad...


i was just writing a letter to my mom and bestie and it came out like this...

sol let me start of satyig thant i am on ambien but i wanted to write to let yall know that i am ok but i'm on ambeien. ANYWAY. I AM IN MY HOTEL AND IT IS ROCKIG ADN I AM TIRED SO I'M GOING TO BE SOOON. A POBLEM THA TI HAV IS THAT I DONT' KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS SO I guess its a;llmost time for bed. so i get on the plane to paris and this womena wakes me up to see it fi was hugry. i almoswt flailed out on ehre like OWISURO why are you waing me up to eat at 12 at nigth, crazy fudkers.on ambien and i am super retarded-tried. the first flight to paris would have been beeder i na differrent seeet. comon ppl don't be scared im goint to bed soon. juwst know i'm safe and happy. :)

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i mean, i *was* on ambien...


  1. The ambien walrus huh?
    But what scares me is I can understand that whole letter, short cuts, mispells and all, hahaha

  2. i am currently at a meeting with lunesta camel.

  3. I woke up to this on my computer screen the other day...Ambien Walrus strikes again!

    The Fable of the Echidna and the MCM5-700-N Cannon Multi-Purpose Photocopier

    On the far side of the island Skjündaç where the warm winds blow lived a single Echidna. He would pass the days in typical echidnic fashion: gathering cedar needles, polarizing ultraviolet light, dancing atop the cave overlooking the isthmus of Bjårrr, whirling his chain-rope ‘round and ‘round. One day the Echidna became hungry, and because he had no gastrointestinal tract he determined to eat of the legendary grapes which populate the eastern vales of Skjündaç and can be found in great abundance in the produce section at the Ukropps just down Sullivan Street. He scurried as quickly as his little echidna legs could scurry until he arrived at the Ukropps. There, standing still in front of the door, was an MCM5-700-N Cannon Multi-Purpose Photocopier. “I see that you are hungry,” said the MCM5-700-N Cannon Multi-Purpose Photocopier. “Yes sir, I am,” squeaked the Echidna. “There are legendary grapes in there. Grapes with no middle part of the grape. Grapes which taste of acridity and cinnamon raisin toast and the package from which you will surely not extract them.” “Why, sir,” inquired the Echidna, “would I not extract the grapes from their package?” The MCM5-700-N Cannon Multi-Purpose Photocopier thought and thought and stood perfectly still. Then it started spitting out blank pieces of paper. The paper littered the trail and half-buried the aghast Echidna. “What does this say?” asked the Echidna, who just that morning had become literate. “It says that only what you do not think it says is.” Squinting his bewhiskered nose and furrowing his harrowed brow the Echidna said hesitatingly, “I think it says, “Three grapes for a bit / Two bits for a bite / Who doth know it / That five grapes are right?” “You have read poorly,” chastised the amalgamation of plastics, metals, and glass. “In fact, it says nothing. You are reading the papers upside-down.” But the Echidna would hear nothing of this chastisement, for he was now determined to sate his appetite with acrid grape skin packaging. He entered the store, demanded six grapes, and escaped in a most echidna-like dine-and-dash. As he reemerged, the MCM5-700-N Cannon Multi-Purpose Photocopier stood up from gathering the loose papers and said slyly, “Did you find what you wanted?” “On the contrary, my near friend,” confessed the Echidna, “rather I found nothing at all. And now my abdomen hurts all the more.”

    The moral of this story is that a stitch in time saves nine.